Terms and Conditions
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Description of products
We make every effort to describe the products offered for sale as accurately as possible. However, we reserve the right to add, remove or amend products without notice.
Payment for orders
When an order is placed, You can pay through our merchant facility online, by phone or bacs.
Placing an order constitutes a contract between you the customer and us (furniture nation) the retailer. All goods must be paid for prior to delivery.
You may cancel your order at any time within 3 days of placement without charge, provided the goods have not already been despatched. Any orders cancelled after this time will incur a 25% cancellation fee. Returned items that are unwanted may be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee.
Any standard goods returned within 7 days of receipt will attract a full refund, with the only liability on the customer being the costs of delivery and collection. The goods must be in their original packaging or state and be in perfect condition. A refund will only be given when the returned goods have been received and inspected by us. Any bespoke made furniture is non-refundable, it is the customers responsibility to supply accurate measurements at all times.
We also send full confirmation of description on bespoke kitchen requirements to minimise any errors. In the event of bespoke items being damaged in transit, we will collect and rectify the problems and re-deliver to you.
All Standard Kitchen ranges shown on the website show overall measurements. These measurements can sometimes differ by a few millimetres, so treat sizes shown as approximate. If exact details of measurements are required please contact us prior to ordering to confirm the sizes are as shown.

Solid wood kitchens (unfinished in colour, supplied in raw state)

Kitchen units that are supplied unfinished and ready to paint or varnish will need to be sealed prior to use, either by painting or varnishing, it is recommended to do this fairly soon after fitting / delivery to reduce any movement in the wood. Our manufacturing process implements measures to allow for it but movement is a natural occurance in solid wood furniture and it is remotely possible that adjustments over time may need addressing.

Painted Wooden Kitchens (A few notes to bear in mind)
The finish of paint on solid wood is not a completely flat finish like you would expect to find on a plastic coated kitchen, the spray finish that we apply is generally smoother than applying with a brush or roller but there are limitations due to the fact that we are painting what is technically a living and maturing material.
There will be characteristics over time of grain that will become more apparent as the wood ages and moves through the seasons. Please make sure that this is the look that you are happy with.

Advantages to a Solid wood painted kitchen
As with any other painted wood it can be scuffed or knocked over time, saying this having a solid wood painted kitchen has got what we think a huge advantage over time because there is the ability to be able to touch up knocks and scuffs and also if you wanted to completely change the colour it can be re-painted over easily because the existing colour can act as it’s basecoat.

Extra considerations on purchasing a solid wood kitchen

A solid wood kitchen can not always be free from future maintenance, like any wood product over season changes it can expand and contract slightly, we do allow for these tolerances within manufacture of the kitchen units but different exposure due to placement, storing of cabinets when delivered e.t.c. can have different impacts over time, the benefit to it being solid wood is that this can be adjusted if it should occur.

Please note: Due to natural properties of oils within pine wood it can occasionaly occur in a painted finish to have slight knott bleed which can be seen through the paint colour, even though we take all modern attempts to reduce this we cannot guarantee against it occuring over time.
Usually this is a slight yellowing of the area where the knotts are situated. This is not considered a manufacturing defect, it is a natural effect due to applying paint to an ever maturing solid wood. No wooden products are stain or heat resistant, although a painted product offers slightly greater protection.

Product guarantee
All furniture from Furniture Nation comes with a 12 month guarantee against manufacturing defects. Should a problem manifest itself within this period the furniture will be repaired or replaced.

Replacement of damaged goods
Standard items of furniture that are damaged on arrival with the customer will be replaced at no additional cost. Standard items of furniture will be replaced, bespoke made items will need to be returned to rectify, bespoke items can not have a replacement item made. It is in the customers own interests to fully inspect all furniture at the time of delivery. Customers have up to 7 days following delivery to report damage, but claims must be supported by photographs and it is the responsibility of the customer to show the damage has not been caused by any misuse or mishandling following delivery. All claims must be supported by photographs.

Most standard items featured on this web site of 1 to 3 items are normally delivered to the customer within 4 to 6 weeks, However for larger orders and full kitchens this can be between 10-14 weeks, you will be notified upon enquiry of an approximate waiting time for completion. In all cases delivery quotes are not guaranteed but should be regarded as a guide to the anticipated waiting time under normal circumstances. Goods delivered by Furniture Nation are by default a to the door service with assistance required from the customer.

PLEASE NOTE: our delivery drivers deliver alone.

All deliveries are to the door only, please ensure upon notification of delivery that you can make arrangements to get the units into your property. We will contact you prior to delivery to allocate a date, which cannot always be determined a.m or p.m. However we can contact you a short period prior to delivery on the day at the customers request.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure the furniture they purchase can pass through the doorways, hallways, In the event of restricted access the delivery staff will leave the goods at the nearest convenient point for the customer. It will not be the responsibility of furniture nation to unpack or assemble furniture in locations that have no reasonable access for the items being delivered.
A residential phone number must be provided for all orders placed, and this number must be for the address on the order, and in the name of the person placing the order. We must also have a mobile phone number.
Please Note: While the utmost care is taken when delivering each and every item. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure reasonable access is available at the time of delivery. Furniture Nation or our associated delivery partners accept no responsibility for damage caused to your property as a result of your furniture being delivered.

Delivery of large items
Larger items, such as Wide Larder units are often supplied partly dismantled to assist in delivery. We do not undertake to assemble these items.
No refunds will be payable for damage caused by mishandling furniture, misuse of furniture or the application of unsuitable coatings, polishes or abrasives.

Special orders
Goods which are ordered to a non-standard specification or finish cannot easily be offered for resale, so they are classed as special order items. Customers who cancel a special order are liable for the costs incurred by furniture nation This includes any carriage costs incurred or any charges made in manufacture.
All special orders are subject to a non-refundable deposit of 50%.

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Variation of Terms & Conditions
Furniture nation reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time and without notice. You will be automatically bound by these modifications when you use the site, and should periodically read these Terms.