Bespoke Furniture – A Guide

Dear potential customer,

Do you struggle to find the perfect match for you and your home? Whether it comes to style, sizes and finish?

Most people have stunning British homes, either built 100 years ago, or within the last 10-15 years. Either way, each home is unique and has it own quirky work arounds such as alcoves, jutting pillars and fireplaces, skirting boards, decorative mouldings and different levels of flooring, etcetera.

With this in mind, it can be difficult to get the right kitchen unit, the right bookcase or cabinet to fit in that tricky alcove, the right sideboard or wardrobe to fit flush against a wall due to those niggly skirting boards, a treat for your home, but a nightmare for you and your furniture.

Many of our customers have come to us for help with these similar problems, whether we sell a product that is just a little too wide and they require something similar with adjusted sizes, or a complete design from scratch.

Here at Furniture Nation we are delighted to offer a made to measure service that can help with these quirky yet intrusive elements of the home.

The process to complete designs is usually faster when we receive at least a simple drawing of what you have in your mind, as much information as possible, including the size, the style, those unique items (feet, handles) and if you have made a choice at this point, the finish.

We offer many stained and painted finishes most people agree fit perfectly with their country style kitchen, their contemporary glazed dresser, or even a simple square TV Unit. Although we find these options satisfactory, we can also obtain Farrow & Ball paint at a small extra charge.

Once we have all required information we draw up our own design, confirming every bit of detail, from the size of the skirting we need to overlap, the exact sizes of an extractor for a cooker hood, the size of your fridge for its housing, etcetera. The smallest detail can effect the build so we strive to be as precise as possible. When we are confident in our design, we send it back to you. We require full confirmation from you that you are happy to proceed and a 50% deposit upon ordering.

To summarize,

Step 1: Set your budget, this will vary depending on the type of wood you wish to use (Oak or Pine).
Step 2: Think about what you want, look on our website and view our bespoke gallery for inspiration. (Links provided at the bottom of this post).
Step 3: Speak to us, let us help you with your thought process and build a relationship.
Step 4: We recommend drawing up a simple (or complex if you wish) design of what you want.
What to remember when designing your bespoke furniture:
-The sizes
-The style
-The finish (Stained, painted, two-tone.)
-The wood (primarily for finish concerns, if you wish to have a painted finish, we recommend pine.)
-Your homes quirky elements (alcoves, skirting, decorative mouldings.)
Step 5: Send your completed design to us, either by e-mail or by post.
Step 6: We like to give atleast 48 hour notice until we send the completed design back to you. Once received we need your confirmation to proceed and a 50% deposit.

This blog post is meant as a guide only, if it has not answered any questions for you please contact us on 01922 711177.
Alternatively you can contact us via e-mail,


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17. March 2017 by Furniture Nation
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