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Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to follow our blog link on our website, why did we decide to write a blog?

Firstly, it is a space for us to freely talk about our passion for furniture manufacturing and customer service. We strive to offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary products alongside a real, professional and trustworthy service. Thankfully, this has been a success for us, our proof is with our returning customers and shining reviews which are all accepted gratefully, we wouldn’t have been running for almost 18 years without our customers, hats off you to guys!

Secondly, our blog is also another way to keep up with the ever changing times, alongside social media we try to reach out into the world wide web and sift through the expensive and impractical furniture the internet has to offer, break through the interior design walls and really look harder at what customers are actually buying. We do this often and chat amongst ourselves, in short, we thought a blog would be useful to our customer base and also hopefully invite customers and/or suppliers to give us their suggestions.  Below is a few points we regularly come across and chat about, and want to express our opinion and gather valuable feedback too.

When we turn to the internet to research, we search for what’s new? What’s popular? We see wood and metal (together!), we see glass, we see minimal, we see interior design everywhere we look. So we tried to simplify, we tried affordable, we tried local. We came across a variety of furniture, one we did notice was  that vintage furniture is back, but we don’t think it was ever really gone. Vintage gets thrown around quite a lot with the design industry, usually alongside “modern”, we’ve found it amongst the rustic, purposely aged, white-washed pine and oak, even other cheaper materials including beech wood and MDF, with metal fronts and/or legs, slashes or anything that makes a product appear imperfect and/or aged and then refined. It’s a stunning new approach, but has not quite made an impression from us —yet. We also found mirrored furniture, and we were wow’d instantly. Mirrored furniture is storming the internet with its high glamour effect, adding wonderful space and chic to bedrooms, although it’s not quite made it into kitchens yet, mirrored side tables and sideboards have started to populate and we can certainly see why. We have sourced a few furniture collections of this sort and are yet to see its popularity increase.

With that thought, we wonder when traditional furniture will fall in the vintage category? If so and when, we can push traditional furniture into the spotlight, ensuring cheaper prices and attracting more of an audience. For now, we use a handpicked selection of suppliers to provide competitively priced oak and contemporary furniture, that hopefully moves with the times and stay at affordable prices for whatever financial situation.

One thing we know for sure, even after our internet searches and brainstorming sessions, white furniture is still a must in a lot of modern family homes, moving from bedrooms, now into living and dining areas, and even kitchens. Gloss furniture is also leaking downstairs, and even more of the customer base are taking the plunge with gloss kitchens. We wonder if the kitchen towel industry is doing well lately? Due to it’s fast growing popularity, we have several furniture ranges in a variety of white, off-white, cream and even grey finishes. We supply our own ranges (the ones we manufacture on site) in a small selection of painted finishes too. We also found a few stunning glossy furniture ranges that are affordable and have the desired effect that gloss furniture offers, it’s modern and creates the illusion of added space. You can find all of the painted furniture collections we have to offer here, and gloss furniture here.

Oak furniture is also a huge seller, and becoming increasingly popular, and, as always when something becomes more popular, the more the price increases. Oak furniture is pretty self explanatory, it’s price does a lot of the talking for us. It’s versatile, sturdy, long (long!) lasting, stunning visually and physically, easy to keep and the intricate natural grain flow speaks for itself. Any range of oak furniture is a valuable asset to anyones home, and truly adds a touch of class to any room. Oak materials are usually much more expensive than traditional wood such as pine or beech, so our customers do notice that in our manufacturing oak furniture the cost does increase compared to imported pieces. Our customers are usually made aware of why the cost increases and what they will be paying for. You can find all of our oak furniture collections we have to offer here.

One option we pride ourselves in the absolute most is our ability to offer a bespoke, made to measure service. We strive to provide the best bespoke service there is, we understand that a customer wanting something made to their specifications will want it to be a well though out process. It is exactly like that, albeit lengthy, but we need a customer to be very specific, picky even. It’s our customers choice, and we’re here to keep it simple for them on our end. We offer this service with oak or pine furniture, and something we prefer to speak about at length either by e-mail, telephone or in person. You can gather more information about our bespoke service here. We will be posting another blog soon to further explain the process soon.

If you’re reading this, and would like to provide any input, please do. We gratefully receive any feedback or pulling up to date!

—Furniture Nation.

15. September 2016 by Furniture Nation
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